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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Brit Hume: Muslim Cartoon Protests 'A Disgrace'

US Newspapers Should Publish Cartoons
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The cartoons, first published by a Danish newspaper in September and then reprinted in other European newspapers, have prompted rioting in the Muslim world as well as debates about freedom of speech.

Danish Cartoons
"Americans need to see for themselves what has outraged Islamofascists in certain parts of the world," said William Greene, president of the online organization,
Iran has decided to rename Danish pastries "Mohammedan" pastry - a new twist in the crisis which has triggered protest by Muslims throughout the world against cartoons of Mohammed first published in Denmark.
The name change recalls when some Americans started calling French fries, "Freedom fries" to protest France's opposition to the United States-led invasion of Iraq. Michelle Malkin

Related article By Ann Coulter

MohammedFox News Channel "Special Report" anchorman Brit Hume said Sunday that violent demonstrations by radical Muslims protesting five-month-old cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Mohammed betray a "howling double standard."

"This is really a disgrace," Hume told the panel on "Fox News Sunday." "And it is a disgrace because of the obvious, howling double standard involved here."

"What is striking about this is what offends these Muslims who are protesting and these imams," Hume complained. "Does the slaughter of innocent people in many parts of the world in the name of Allah offend them? Is that a sacrilege worthy of protest?

"No, not in the least," he said.

Hume noted that there has also been no outrage on the Arab street over "the kinds of slurs against Christians and against the Jewish faith that are regularly spread abroad in the Arab world by the mass media and by many of these imams themselves."
Prior to Hume's comments, "Fox News Sunday" aired a shot of the cartoon deemed most offensive by the protesters - a drawing of Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. NewsMax


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

I'm waiting for the realistic cartoons.

You know the one with Mo slashing throats and raping little girls.
Like I say at Lores's place: We should all thank the Islamists for returning Europe to the American fold......We couldn't have done better ourselves.


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