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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Quotes From The Left

With friends like Chavez …

Barbara Walters recently scored an exclusive interview with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Here’s part of how she described the experience to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America:
    Roberts: "Barbara, fresh off the plane. He is a very passionate man that's very apparent."

    Walters: "Yes, but, you know, when you meet him, when you see him in the navy blue suit and not the red shirt that he's in, um, he's passionate about his dislike for George Bush. He does like this country and he's passionate about his feelings about America. And he feels that with a new President, that we can be friends. He cares very much about poverty. He's a socialist. What he's trying to do for all of Latin America, you know, they've been trying to do it for years, is to eliminate poverty. But this is not the crazy man that we have heard."

A Sampling of Media Bias Highlights

The media’s frantic pace of contrived scandals has peaked with their latest attempt at conjuring ‘The Bush Watergate” Story

Now it’s the flap over fired federal prosecutors … with zero hindsight.

Because hindsight would have revealed ….

In April 1993 then-Attorney General Janet Reno fired all 93 federal prosecutors …. And she gave them 10 days to hit the road.

But when “reporting” on the dismissals of eight prosecutors on Bush’s watch, neither ABC nor CBS mentioned it. Even in interviews with Attorney General Gonzales, ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC and NBC all failed to mention Reno’s “March Massacre” of 1993.

Pelosi-an ‘anti-Catholic’ Catholic for Promoting 'Culture of Death'

Unfortunately you won’t find this kind of reporting in the mainstream media:

On MRC’s daily Cybercast News Service for Monday, a former congressman is quoted as saying Speaker Pelosi promotes "the culture of death."

Madame Speaker is called "maybe the most dangerous leader in the long campaign by anti-Catholics within the Church who mislead Americans.” The story points out that she has advocated “every type of abortion … as a matter of public record” and that she “led the charge for federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research.”

No wonder, then, that a Catholic priest in Pelosi’s home diocese in San Francisco called on her in an open letter to: “… stop calling herself Catholic and receiving the Eucharist because 'you are fooling yourself and many good Catholics.'"

The Good News is Good but the Bad News is All We Get
Two media polls of the Iraqi people were released over the weekend and showed significant percentages now say life is better than it was under Hussein, despite the war and insurgent terrorism.

But if you got that news from the mainstream media on Monday, the spin you got was almost totally pessimistic.

It was “a sobering report…” with “fewer than half” saying things were better, asserted ABC’s Charles Gibson.

NBC anchor Brian Williams led with what he said were “the numbers of great importance to all Americans:” the numbers of Americans and Iraqis killed.

Couric stayed true to form opining that “… there is no end or victory in sight, thousands of Americans are dead.”

But the biggest giveaway that they were ignoring the positive came from Couric when she stressed the leftist line that Iraq was in a “civil war.” According to both polls, the folks who actually live there think not. Fifty-six percent of Iraqis in one and 61 percent in the other said their country was not in a civil war.
Fight Media



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