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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tax Deductible Pets

My Cute Liberal Cats Sleeping On The JobCITIZEN LEGISLATOR: Dogs (and Other Pets) Should be Tax Deductible Like Any DependentThis week a citizen like you from Bayport, NY wrote to Congress to propose that dogs be tax deductible like children or any other dependent. Read their proposal. Do you think Congress should introduce a law to make pet costs tax deductible? Tell Congress. Preliminary results are 49% in favor of making pets tax deductible like dependents. One person says it will make us treat them better. Someone else replied that once they evolve to being potential taxpayers then maybe we can reconsider. One citizen told Congress pets are a choice like children and cost nearly as much. But one person opposed felt that some would get more dogs just for the tax some do with children.

- Yes, Pets Should Be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent
No, Pets Should NOT Be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent

They may have seen this story?
A dog with steady footing has become a celebrity in China.
Eight-month old Gougou rides around Guangzhou City on the back of his master's bicycle, balancing on the 2-inch-wide rear fender.
The daily bike ride along the Zhujiang River has become a local spectacle, with passers-by stopping the pair to take pictures.
"If he needs to pee, he taps my shoulder with his front paw," his owner told the Guangzhou Daily.
"Then, when I stop, he runs to a secret place."



At 9:37 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

Dogs that crap on people's yards, and their owners, should be target practice.

I like dogs and cats, but can't stand whach-a-doo animal lovers.

THEY ARE ANIMALS!!! Not humans.


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