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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stossel Responds to Kennedy's Attacks

On Wednesday's Your World with Neil Cavuto, FNC's Cavuto hosted both ABC's John Stossel and environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss Kennedy's charge, from the stage of Saturday's "Live Earth" concert in New Jersey, that the ABC anchor, as well as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, have been "lying" about global warming and are "toadies" for corporations.

Stossel charged that some of Kennedy's comments about the environment are "silly" and brought up a number of big scares that have been promoted in recent years, some by environmentalists, that have turned out not to materialize. Asked by Cavuto if ignoring the issue may make it worse, Stossel responded: "Well, it's possible. And it's possible that the killer bees were going to come up and sting us all to death, and that Y2K was going to crash all the planes, and that the pesticides that his organization [Natural Resources Defense Council] is so upset about were causing the cancer epidemic, and the frog testicles were shrinking, were going to make us all sterile. The scares from the environmental groups have just come one after the other. None has been true."
Stossel Responds to Kennedy's Attacks
Another example how a liberal keeps his mouth moving without saying anything--and when they do say something, its nonsense.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a convicted felon and a recovered heroin addict, the affects of which left him with obvious speech problems and a few less synapses. He stole the Riverkeeper organization out from under its founders to use for his own personal political agenda. He drives a beat up old Caravan mini-van that probably gets 12 mpg and flies everywhere on private planes.

The man is a psychotic basketcase who truly thinks he can get elected to anything he wants. The family tries to keep him under a watchful eye and make sure he does as little as possible to embarass the family, which he still tends to do.
Media Research Center

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