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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

'Farmer' Hillary TV Ads Begin [Update]

Hillary’s First Lady Records Locked Up
"Political consultants said that if Hillary Clinton’s records were made public, rivals would mine them for scraps of information that might rattle her campaign.”
Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit in July against the National Archives, which has jurisdiction over presidential libraries, demanding the release of Hillary’s diaries, telephone logs, daily planners and schedules. 10 (Plus) Unanswered Questions for Hillary Clinton
Does our former 1st Lady, Mrs. Bubba, have something to hide?
Hillary Ad 'Outrageous,' White House Says

Hillary Clinton First Iowa Ad ***** Stop Hillary PAC Iowa Ad (Democrats)
"We're going to get rid of all these cronies that came to Washington to work in the Bush administration," Clinton told a group of raucous supporters at a town hall-style rally. "To do all this, it's going to take reforming Washington." NewsMax
Reform Washington? Don't forget to get Bubba an intern.
Apparently she thinks the people in Iowa are stupid.
They probably are if they vote for her. Read my lips! Bush isn't running.
Mrs. Clinton courts socialism. We've defeated communism once in our lifetime, but "common good" socialism could revive the scourge. Patriotic Americans must actively reject the shill — at the ballot box in November 2008. For the real common good.



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