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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PSA: Traumatic Injury Protection Assistance

The Air Force casualty assistance representative at each base is the primary point of contact for assisting potentially eligible members with Traumatic Injury Protection Insurance applications in coordination with the base military treatment facility. TSGLI coverage is a tax-free lump sum payment ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 depending on the extent of the injury. Members insured under the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance policy are automatically covered at an increase in their premiums of only $1 per month. The coverage also includes a retroactive provision for Airmen who suffered a qualifying loss as a direct result of injuries incurred in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom from Oct. 7, 2001 through Nov. 30, 2005. Enrollment in SGLI is not a requirement to receive the retroactive TSGLI benefits. Casualty services personnel from the Air Force Personnel Center are identifying and contacting Airmen who might be eligible for retroactive TSGLI to provide guidance and assistance. Certification forms for TSGLI benefits are available at base MPFs and should be submitted at the earliest opportunity. For more information on the TSGLI benefit, Airmen should contact their base casualty assistance representative. Airmen with questions regarding eligibility or processing requirements for retroactive TSGLI benefits may also contact their base CAR or call the AFPC casualty services branch at DSN 665-3505 or (800) 433-0048.
GI Bill Apprenticeship and OJT Program Offers Up to $12,000
If you are currently in the guard or reserve, the On-The-Job Training (OJT) Program offers you an alternative way to use your G.I. Bill education and training benefits. While you are being trained for a new job, you can receive monthly training benefits in addition to your regular salary, that means you can receive up to $753 a month ($216 for Reserve) tax-free, on top of your regular salary! That's up to $12,000 in cash benefits over 2 years, for training in an On-The-Job or Apprenticeship training program. You may be eligible if you are otherwise eligible for the GI Bill either under the Active Duty (Veteran) or Reserve GI Bill programs. To make full use of up to $1,034 a month from the GI Bill, find schools that serve military & veteran students
Stair Climbing Mobility System Now Covered by VA
Eligible veterans with disabilities now have the opportunity to purchase the innovative INDEPENDENCE iBOT 4000 Mobility System, developed by Independence Technology, through medical coverage provided by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The iBOT Mobility System is unlike any mobility device on the market. It is one of the most thoroughly tested, studied and sophisticated devices ever manufactured for the disability community. The iBOT Mobility System's combination of innovative functions allows users to go places and do things not possible with any other single mobility device. For more information on the system, read the article Stair Climbing Mobility System Now Covered by VA


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