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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Last strong Democrat standing?

By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro
It's more than clear to Americans and the world that the Democratic Party leadership views the war in Iraq as both hopeless and without value.

That's quite a change since the legendary days of President John F. Kennedy, whose nerves of steel single-handedly pushed America to victory during her coldest war against communism. One has to wonder what would have happened on the 13th day of the Cuban Missile Crisis had the current Democratic leadership occupied the White House then.
Any right thinking American knows what would have happened.
Todays anti-American DemocRats would have given up.
"The idea we're going to win this war is an idea that is unfortunately just plain wrong" - Howard Dean

In response, a senior Senate Democratic aide said of Mr. Lieberman to The Washington Post that "everything he does is seen as advancing his own self-interest, instead of the Democratic interest." The aide added the discontent in Democratic chambers over Mr. Lieberman was "widespread."

Just what is the "Democratic interest?"
It's not to protect this nation and the American people.
It's about them. It's about getting Bush.
The only thing Democrats care about is - Democrats.
Reason to vote Republican: Democrats.
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NewsMax Poll: Bush Justified in Wiretapping
Americans overwhelmingly support President Bush's authorization to the National Security Agency to tap the private conversations of U.S. citizens to search for evidence of terrorist activity, an exclusive poll reveals.

In one of the largest responses to a NewsMax poll ever, more than 150,000 people across the Internet have made their opinions known about this controversy.

And they resoundingly say that the President was justified in taking this action to protect America.

Here is a breakdown of the poll results for several key questions:

1) Has President Bush been justified in tapping the conversation of U.S. citizens?
Justified - 80%
Not Justified - 20%

2) Do you believe the President must have a court-approved warrant to conduct a wiretap?
Yes - 23%
No - 72%
Not Sure - 5%

3) Do you believe President Bush's claim that he undertook this action to protect America?
Yes - 83%
No - 17%

4) How would you rate media coverage about President Bush's actions?
Fair - 20%
Unfair - 80%


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