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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ted Kennedy Wants Windmills Killed

The Cape Wind Project would erect 130 windmills in Nantucket Sound and could provide three-fourths of the power needed by Cape Cod and nearby islands, which is now largely supplied by coal-fired plants.

But the project had a powerful enemy in Sen. Kennedy, who has voiced strong support for alternative energy projects - as long as they are not in his backyard.

"The problem was not aesthetic; the Kennedys wouldn't be able to actually see the turbines from their home. Instead Robert Kennedy Jr., who had been beating the drum for alternative sources of energy for more than a decade, complained that the project would be built in one of the family's favorite sailing and yachting areas."

Do As I Say (Not As I Do) Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy
Members of the liberal left exude an air of moral certitude. They pride themselves on being selflessly committed to the highest ideas and seem particularly confident of the purity of their motives and the evil nature of their opponents. To correct economic and social injustice, liberals support a whole litany of policies and principles: progressive taxes, affirmative action, greater regulation of corporations, raising the inheritance tax, strict environmental regulations, children’s rights, consumer rights, and much, much more.
  • Filmmaker Michael Moore claims he doesn't invest in the stock market. In fact, his foundation has bought shares in scores of companies, including Halliburton, which he routinely castigates.
  • House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi champions organized labor. But Pelosi and her husband own a vineyard that employs only nonunion workers. And she owns part of a California resort that is also nonunion.
  • Comedian?? Al Franken often charges that Republicans are racists, yet his staff is actually whiter than Bob Jones University, a school that Franken labels "racist."
  • "Environmentalist" Ted Kennedy opposed a "clean energy" wind-power system off Cape Cod - because it was close to his family compound in Hyannis, Mass. Do As I Say


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

Seems to me Teddy is looking to "do as he does".

"Killing" things that is.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

Pretty impressive blast Purple Putz.

It is exactly why Democrats keep losing elections..........You can ride the polls all you want. The only polls that matter are the ones on election day. And since 1996 the Dems have taken a steady beating in the House, Senate and Executive.

But keep counting your polls, Putz......And keep spewing your Howard Dean insanity. It's getting you and your type real far.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger RJay said...

Purple Putz,
Your use of 4 letter words as nouns, adjectives or adverbs when spewing your liberal psycho babble indicates your true talent, none.

Visiting conservative sites and spewing your liberal venom is the only way you can get anyone to visit your site.

Your comment will be removed until you can show a little intelligence.

You are welcome to comment on this blog if you can do it without your 4 letter vocabulary and you have something constructive to say which I doubt based on your photo which I notice you removed.

Here's a new photo for you to use.
Your New Photo


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