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Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Film Documents Horrors Along Mexican Border

I Love Illegal Aliens
A new documentary paints a shocking but true picture of illegal immigration along America’s border with Mexico.

The film “Border” is directed by Chris Burgard, an actor whose credits include “JAG” and “Growing Pains.” It premiered in August at the Liberty Film Festival and is now being circulated nationally.

According to the film’s Web site, “‘Border’ takes you on a journey from state to state and exposes a failed system and a failed policy. Burgard’s courageous journey includes powerful footage in the border crossing regions of America where dead bodies, armed Mexican military incursions, ‘rape trees,’ and drug traffickers are commonplace.”

In an interview with FrontPage magazine, Burgard was asked what inspired him to undertake the sometimes dangerous job of filming illegal immigration.

He said he beagan his arduous journey after hearing horror stories on the news and from other sources: “I first started hearing about the rapes on the border and how the ‘drogandos’ would put guns to people’s heads and say, ‘You are going to carry this backpack of drugs into America or we are going to kill you and leave you in the desert . . .
El Presidente Arbusto
“Also at this time there was a group called the Minute Men Civil Defense Corps that was doing a big operation on the Southern border. Presidente Arbusto called them vigilantes.

“My wife says that I am a news and History Channel junky. I think she finally got so tired of my . . . complaining and said do something. So she motivated me to get my butt off the couch, grab a camera, and go see for myself what was going on on the border.”

The film is shot largely along the border and contains images of dead and decaying illegal immigrants, many that local ranchers say were murdered by human traffickers who raped them or forced them to bring drugs across the border.

Asked what most “surprised” him while making the film, Burgard said: “Rape trees . . . Armed men in uniform from Mexico using mule trains to smuggle tons of contraband into America . . .

“Rancher after rancher living behind razor wire. Ranch after ranch on the verge of bankruptcy due to the illegal traffic, vandalism, and drug cartels that are flooding their land. Dead bodies so numerous that border counties are going broke just paying for all the coroner inquests.”

But Burgard added: “I am convinced that we have more than enough tools in the shed to secure the border whenever we want to. It is a matter of choosing not to.”

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