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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Global Warming / AlGore Nobel Prize / Draft AlGore

Graphic RushLimbaugh.comThe Web site has raised its “prize” offering from $100,000 to $125,000 for anyone who can actually supply proof that human emissions of greenhouse gases are causing global warming.

In presenting its Ultimate Global Warming Challenge, the Web site states: “If you think it’s a no-brainer that humans are causing catastrophic global warming, here’s your opportunity to earn an easy $125,000.”

The challenge: “$125,000 will be awarded to the first person to prove, in a scientific manner, that humans are causing harmful global warming.”

As of this writing, the “prize” had gone unclaimed by anyone — including Al Gore — for more than 60 days.

Draft Gore Ad Appears in New York Times, which describes itself as a group of grass-roots Democrats, underwrote a full-page open letter to Al Gore in Wednesday's New York Times, imploring the former vice president to enter the presidential campaign.
Michael Ramirez
Al Gore won his first election in 11 years yesterday - picking up a Nobel Peace Prize and intensifying speculation that the star of "An Inconvenient Truth" will ride his global-warming crusade right into the 2008 presidential race.
What has AlGore ever done for world peace?

Gore Cow Farts * Paul Shanklin
Mad Cows
* RJay
Regarding Former Vice President Al Gore, the Nobel Peace Prize and 'An Inconvenient Truth':

"It is hard to say which of Al Gore's awards seems more improbable: his Academy Award, although he does not possess a single skill required for filmmaking, or his Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming, although he has no technical skills in that area and he has misled the world profoundly as to the danger. It just goes to show how good life can be once you officially are designated a victim of George W. Bush. Once Gore lost the 2000 election (before which he was scorned and mocked by the liberal world), the world fell over itself, showering him with wealth and honor. If only he could arrange to lose another election to a Republican, he could be chosen Pope, Homecoming King and Soapbox Derby champion."

— Tony Blankley,
Former Washington Times Editorial Page Editor

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At 1:11 PM, Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I have lost all respect for the "Prize" now.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger RJay said...

Wasn't another great liberal, Jimmy C., a recipent?


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