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Friday, April 18, 2008

Limbaugh, Schlussel

2007 - The US Supreme Court upholds the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act in a 5-4 decision.

Mainstream Media Oblivious to Relevancy of Many Obama-gates
By: David Limbaugh
The dirty little secret about Barack Obama's indictment of flyover country is that he said what liberals, including Hillary Clinton, believe. Sufficient proof of this can be found in the liberal outrage at Wednesday night's Democratic presidential debate, where Obama was pressed both by the moderators and Clinton to explain Bitter-gate, Wright-gate, Ayers-gate and Flag pin-gate.
Consider the uncannily similar reactions of columnists Tom Shales and Stephen Silver.
Shales expressed indignation that ABC News moderators Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos would dare ask Obama to justify his insulting remarks about small-town Americans and his relationships with certain anti-American people.
Shale's fumed, "For the first 52 minutes … Gibson and Stephanopoulos dwelled entirely on specious and gossipy trivia that already has been hashed and rehashed, in the hope of getting the candidates to claw at one another over disputes that are no longer news. Some were barely news to begin with."
Shales was particularly perturbed that Stephanopoulos "came up with such tired tripe as a charge that Obama once associated with a nutty bomb-throwing anarchist."
Continue reading "Mainstream Media Oblivious to Relevancy of Many Obama-gates"
Paging Dr. Jenny McCarthy: More Bimbo Science
By Debbie Schlussel
Last year, I told you about self-anointed medical "expert," Jenny McCarthy.
Yup, the same Jenny McCarthy who has a medical degree from the Hugh Hefner School of Advanced Silicone Medicine and Porn Sciences. And don't forget her valuable medical expertise gleaned from her days hosting MTV's "Singled Out" and her current scientific gig "dating" (euphemism) Jim Carrey.
Because her son is autistic, she looked for something to blame it on, and . . . voila, "child vaccines cause autism." At least, that's her theory and that held by a growing group of alarmists with the same medical "expertise" as McCarthy. And it's frightening parents from giving their kids necessary vaccines against diseases that are now making a comeback because of Jenny's Bimbo Science. McCarthy and her ilk have succeeded in persuading otherwise responsible parents to retreat back to the Stone Age when it comes to their children's health and available preventative medical treatments. Who knew that taking off your pants for the world (that's how McCarthy reached the D-list) would cause modern pediatric medicine to regress decades?
It's like a scene from the movie, "Idiocracy."
Continue reading "Paging Dr. Jenny McCarthy: More Bimbo Science" Source
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