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Saturday, August 26, 2006

'Survivor' Brings Racial Segregation

Dubbed a "social experiment," the next season of the CBS reality show "Survivor" will divide its contestants at the beginning of the season by race. Critics call the move offensive and an "insult to anyone of an intelligent mind."

"Survivor: Cooke Islands" will premiere Sept. 14. It is the 13th season of the show, which leaves contestants stranded on an island competing for a one million dollar prize.

In previous seasons, contestants have been divided by age or sex, but the newest batch of 20 contestants will be divided by race.
The four teams will be African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic.
Who will win?
We all know whites are smarter than blacks because Al Campanis said, blacks don't have the where with all to be a pitcher - just before the Dodgers fired him.

We know white men can't jump because a movie told us so.

Hispanics could be from anywhere, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc.
Mexicans have great endurance. We know that because they can swim for miles and walk many miles thru a desert.

We know Asians are smarter than all of them because they get us to buy their cars, televisions, computers, and most electronic equipment.
Asians will win.

Perhaps I'm smarter than all of them because I have never watched Survivor and I don't intend to start now.


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