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Saturday, October 06, 2007

SCHIP / Defense bill

Torpedoed SCHIP
President George W. Bush vetoed a $35-billion, five-year expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) on Wednesday. Democrats and their accomplices in the Leftmedia predictably portrayed the President as a Lone Ranger against “the children.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cried, “President Bush used his cruel veto pen to say ‘I forbid ten million children from getting the health benefits they deserve’.” (This from the party of abortion.) Of course, most of those ten million currently have health benefits—just not taxpayer funded. Yet. Furthermore, some of these “children” are as old as 25 or from families earning $82,000 per year.
President's Radio Address x Audio

Defense bill passes
Senate Democrats passed a $648-billion defense authorization for next year, complete with $142 billion for fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, $950 million for military healthcare, and $23.6 billion for protecting armored vehicles from roadside bombs, the primary cause of American casualties in Iraq. Democrats are still playing games with defense funding, despite twice having fallen short of their goal of surrender in Iraq.

Thanks to Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy, the bill includes a provision that adds homosexuals to the list of groups protected under federal hate-crimes legislation. The hate-crimes amendment has no business being in a defense authorization, and liberals are practically begging President Bush to carry out his promised veto of the whole bill by including it.

The Leftmedia want the rest of us to believe that the majority of Americans would rather have homosexuals added to hate-crimes legislation and expanded healthcare for middle class children than support the war against Jihadistan or cut spending. ABC News and The Washington Post trumpeted a poll this week that stated seven in ten Americans support the expansion of SCHIP, even though it will add families to the government dole who can afford to insure their children. This is what we call “pollaganda” —media polls as instruments of propaganda. Patriot Post

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