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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Secret court to oversee domestic spying program

24 Hour 4In case you were one of the three or four Americans who weren't glued to their TV sets for that spectacle, suffice it to say that tens of thousands of people in Southern California were vaporized in a mushroom cloud from a suitcase nuke. It was one of the most frightening and infuriating things I have ever seen depicted on television, and it started me thinking about the actual response that might be forthcoming if (when?) such an attack is ever perpetrated upon American soil.
Thank You, Democrats-Graphic from
How about this from our RINO President.
Agreeing and caving to the liberals to make the above 24 graphic a reality.
Secret court to oversee domestic spying program. The Bush administration has agreed to let a secret but independent panel of federal judges oversee the government's controversial domestic spying program, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

"Accordingly, under these circumstances, the President has determined not to reauthorize the Terrorist Surveillance Program when the current authorization expires," the attorney general wrote.
"Just cave to every damn thing the liberals want. Let's just get it done with it so we can start fresh. Just throw everybody to hell and start rebuilding from there. Give 'em everything they want, Mr. President. It still isn't going to make 'em happy. This isn't going to make 'em happy. This is blood in the water. All this is going to do is embolden them. This frosts me."
Rush Limbaugh


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

*Ahem* "Domestic Spying Program"?

Didnt you mean "Terrorist Surveilance Program"?

I finally broke down today and wrote my Senator Inhoffe about President Bush being a real wimp lately and caving in to the Democrats.

I told him to pass along the message that "We want our Cowboy back" and he was dissapointing the 51% of the American people that voted his Cowboy butt back in office!

Let's see what happens. Usually Inhoffe does pass along my messages, and usually replies to me Personally, so I hope this works.

We need to start writing our Republican Senators and Congressmen about all this. Tell them the way we really feel.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger RJay said...

Right on. If Bush doesn't get back to being The Cowboy we voted for he'll doom the Republican Party in 2008.


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