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Monday, September 18, 2006

Gas Prices: More Bad News For Democrats [Update]

Gas prices continue to fall.
It didn't take long for CNN and the democrats to conjure up dark conspiracies involving the GOP and "big oil." A Sneaky Scheme to Help Republicans.
Bush has an electronic device in the oval office with a receiver on each oil company CEO's desk that alerts them when to lower gas prices.
Bush pressed the button and the oil companies complied to help the Republicans in November ~ The Radical Left.

Bad NewsWhat's good for the economy.
Is bad for the Democrats.

Come on, Democrats you know this is a conspiracy.
Let's get to floor and tell all that the Republicans conspired with the oil companys to lower gas prices before the November elections.

Oil prices went below $64 barrel yesterday.
Gas prices dropped 20 cents.
Arizona Bullhead City $2.49 Fast Trip.
Going to Laughlin? Cross the bridge to buy gas.Happy Gas Pump
Find the lowest gas prices at
Regular Gasoline Average Prices
Today 2.580
Gas prices are expected to fall for the next three weeks.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

That is what it amounts to, really. It is election time and every single corrupt politician in office needs to play their slimey little tricks. It seems like the voters have a short term memory and can be fooled. Not me, I actually document the stuff they have done, reguardless of party. They are all in this game together. They will waffle and flip flop on every one of their platforms to sell out to the voters. This is my solution, I am not voting for ANY INCUMBENTS.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger RJay said...

If you reside in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District I hope "I am not voting for ANY INCUMBENTS." means you will vote for Diana Irey.

Thanks for your input.
Keep coming back.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

I do not live in the 12th district, but am quite away that Diana Irey is competeing for John Murtha's seat.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

If we'd drill in ANWAR, in the Gulf of Mexico, and build many refineries in the U.S. we wouldn't have to worry about it.

We wouldn't be 100% self sufficient by any means, but we'd at least have more power to keep the nuts in OPEC from cornering the market.

Instead we CHOOSE to be dependant on them.......What other great power in world history CHOSE to be dependant on weaker nations? Espeically weaker nations with bad intentions for them?

At 12:02 AM, Blogger RJay said...

Right again.
At one time oil dereks pumped oil along old Brea Canyon Road, now a freeway, in the Diamond Bar Ranch area. Now its the city of Diamond Bar.
Santa Barbara off shore drilling is no more.
Who do we have to thank for the continued dependencies for foreign oil? We know don't we.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Either the Dems are criticizing Bush for gas prices being too high or they're coming up with conspiracy theories to attack him when the prices go down.

No matter what, the Dems will criticize Bush.

What's good for the country is BAD for the Dems.


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