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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Path To 911 [Update]

Former Clinton Aide Critical of Attempts to Shut Down ABC's 9/11 Special
The former Clinton aide says the former president's desire to cover up the truth about his decisions related to bin Laden will not work. "I think President Bill Clinton is responsible for 9/11 and the war on terror, personally. That is his legacy," Patterson comments. "I think he's trying to change that legacy, which is what [he was] trying to do by not having this series shown." Instead, he believes Clinton will go down in history as the nation's worst Commander-in-Chief.
Well, It didn't take long.
After watching The Path To 911 relatives of those killed want to know why Clinton didn't take action against the terrorists leading up to 911?
Was it any wonder why the Democrats wanted this docudrama pulled.
9/11 Families Want New Probe, Questions Answered
The documentary and the members of the Family Steering Committee -- along with other victims' family members -- say the commission did not answer their questions and omitted much information from their final report released in July 2004 for political reasons.

The documentary's executive producer, Kyle Hence, blamed the commission for a "cover-up" of the facts.
Bob Iger [ABC] stood up to the Clintonistas.
The democrats must beside them selves.
If you think they aren't tune into C-Span.

Supposedly there was one minute edited out.
Probably when Clinton was watching a golf game on TV and couldn't be bothered.
Or maybe he was engaged in one of his Oval Office cigar shenanigans.

The Path To 911 clearly shows that Clinton did nothing about the terrorist attacks in the nineties [the Embassy bombings - The USS Cole - The WTC 1993.]

The Moral Emptiness of the Left
Video footage from 2000
well before 9/11 that shows bin Laden waltzing around with his entourage that the Clinton adminstration got in real time. Now this was after the Embassy bombings in Africa, after the first WTC bombing, and after the USS Cole was hit, all by Al Qaeda, so what was the Clintonian response?
Maybe next time.

Listen to how Brokaw introduces the segment
and how Lisa Myers tries to whitewash Clinton.
We have blocked further attacks on America largely because of the courage and determination of one man, President George W. Bush. As I wrote in October, 2004, faced with the deliberate and horrific attacks on 9/11, President Bush instinctively understood that this was a war.

He demonstrated his courage by taking that war to al-Qaeda to protect the American people. Despite opposition from confused and reluctant bureaucrats and politicians, he acted. That decision was the decisive break with the terrorism as a criminal act strategy and in direct contrast to the terrorism as a nuisance mindset held by many. Newt Gingrich

Liberals like to pretend that there isn’t a media bias when it comes to the coverage of the Bush Administration or the war. Despite the fact that newsrooms are filled with dyed-in-the-wool liberals, there’s a preposterous attempt to portray the mainstream press as fair and objective.
Mike Gallagher
After watching The Path to 9/11 I can't imagine how any right thinking American could ever trust the security of this nation to a Democrat.

When Bin-Laden was trapped.
An Afghanistan northern front fighter asks,
"Do you have men in Washington or are they all cowards?"


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