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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Bad News For The Democrats [Update]

Bad News Wires Sept. 3, 2006
No. 2 Al-Qaida Leader in Iraq Arrested

September 4, 2006
Authorities yesterday announced the capture of al Qaeda in Iraq's No. 2 leader, accusing him of "brutal and merciless" terror operations, including the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine that touched off the sectarian bloodletting pushing Iraq toward civil war. Washington Times

Good News for The United States and the war on terror.
Is Bad News for the anti-American Bush Bashing liberals.

ADAM GADAHN'American Al-Qaida' ADAM GADAHN Family Name Pearlman: Convert to Islam
An Al-Qaeda video released on Saturday called on Americans and the rest of the Christian world to "repent" and convert to Islam. Expert: "This is the invitation that precedes the attack."
ADAM GADAHN Al Qaeda's latest poster child is a California farm boy with roots in heavy metal and fundamentalist Christianity.


At 11:11 PM, Blogger Mary said...

When I heard about Gadahn's tape, I wondered if it might be the "invitation" before an attack.

I admit the fifth anniversary has me spooked. Hopefully, there's no Plan B to the foiled London plot.

At 1:21 AM, Blogger RJay said...

This guy is a U.S. citizen aiding and abetting the enemy. That's treason.

The article says, "The CIA said it had conducted a technical review on the videotape and concluded the voice is al-Zawahri's. A CIA spokeswoman said the agency is not authorized to conduct such analysis on U.S. citizens such as Gadahn."

There are things that the CIA and The FBI do that we know nothing about nor do we want to know.

The Islamic fascists are lunatics and stupid, but not stupid enough to execute a Plan B.

I was browsing and came across this hate mail.
From: Nathan Bayati []
Sent: Mon 8/15/2005 2:54 AM
To: Opinions Mailbox
Subject: Multi-culturalism sucks!

We just wish that all the countries would come together, grow some balls, and blow usa off the f**king map. Anarchist, protesters etc, would quickly give their lives to see usa fall. Especially now! I know i would!

-Until the last law breaks, none of us are free!

I sent liberalscum an email and recommended he send this to the FBI. Maybe I will.
Bayati is probably a terrorist not in the U.S.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Bloodstomper Barbie said...

Dudes! Sounds like you fellers hate terrorists, "support" the troops and really don't like Democrats! So, to get back to reality for a minute, visit Baghdad Burning, for some truth, if you can stand it:

"Since the beginning of July, the men in our area have been patrolling the streets. Some of them patrol the rooftops and others sit quietly by the homemade road blocks we have on the major roads leading into the area. You cannot in any way rely on Americans or the government."

The pesky truth is hard for you to take.


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