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Friday, June 15, 2007

Iraq surge a failure, top Democrats tell Bush

The United States two favorite anti-American Pro-Terrorists are at it again.
al-Qaida Reid and Jihad Pelosi
We only care about our socialist agenda.

They delivered a letter to our Commander in Chief on Wednesday saying they would, "begin the phased redeployment of US forces, and bring the war to a responsible end."

Move America Forward: You know what that means and what al-Qaida and their allies will proclaim if it comes to fruition: America lost and surrendered to the forces of radical Islam. If we allow Reid & Pelosi to have their way, Iraq will become the new operations base for Islamic terrorist groups to wage their jihad against the United States and our allies.
Thank You, Reid and Pelosi

The letter was delivered to the President the day before this great country would honor Old Glory.
These two have no honor.

How much lower can Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-N.V.) sink? Every time he seems to hit bottom, Reid does something that delves deeper. Such as the little incident a few days ago when -- just to upstage the President’s visit to Capitol Hill to lobby for that misbegotten McKennedy immigration bill – Reid scheduled a “moment of silence” on the Senate floor supposedly to honor the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was cheap and sleazy. Why cheap and sleazy?

Measure the moment of silence against Reid’s antiwar antics. Back in April, fighting against funding the Iraq war, Reid proclaimed the war lost. He’s so enmeshed in the anti-Bush anti-war rhetoric that -- having failed to stop the war in April -- he’s about to try it again. He said – this week -- that the troop surge has failed. But before he does, he’s now attacking people such as Generals Pace and Petraeus. ‘Orrible ‘Arry Reid

"There's something crazy going on in Germany.
Three people have been attacked by psychotic squirrels.
These squirrels are not only crazy, they're German.
You know they're just getting started.
World domination. The start of Squirrel War 1.
"We can't win" Reid and "Pinko" Pelosi have already surrendered."
Craig Ferguson Original Joke "The Germans have already surrendered."

Watch this video, Reid. It could be The MGM Grand?
It would be far worse than this. - Or did you forget?
Watch this video, Pelosi. It could be The Transamerica Pyramid?

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